Friday, September 3, 2010

The Survey Says.......

So yesterday, when I was asked to join this contest at work, I was thinking of possible ways to lose weight. When it occurred to me that your peers always have the best advice, what works for them can work for you. No gimmicks, real people with real answers. So my bright idea was to text all my friends to ask them for any pointers they may have. Here are their answers in order as they responded:

Drink lots of water
Take lots of walks
Eat smaller portions more often
Drink lots of water
Watch salt in take
Exercise in the morning
Avoid Carbs
Avoid Sugar
Read up on Woman's Health and Muscle Magazines
Lose your remote control to the TV
Put a candy bar on a stick and follow it around (yeah real assholes)
Avoid Milk
Don't eat anything after 5pm (which is when I get off work and when I'm STARVING)
Eat Smaller Portions
Exercise (um duh)
Starve yourself
South Beach Diet
Drink Lots of water
Take lots of walks
Avoid dairy
Lots of ex-lax.... (lose your weight by crapping all day!)
Drink Lots of water
Eat snacks throughout the day
Watch caloric intake
Take cinnamon capsules
Bike riding
Ditch the potatoes, bread, beans, lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

Ok, so what I get from my little survey is this....... While on amphetamines have lots of sex in water while walking. Sounds like a diet plan for me!

Thank you to everyone to participated in my little survey, I love you all so much!


  1. Some things that helped me:

    Eat every 3 hours 5x/day.
    1st, 3rd & 5th meals should be higher in total carbs (sugar is just another carb, don't fret over it), since your female, shoot for 35-45 carbs per each of these meals. 2nd & 4th meals should contain more proteins & fats, keep carbs below 20 for these meals.
    Total calories per day for females, try to keep around 1500, but 200 more or less is okay, especially to start. I find it easiest to spread the calories evenly, or to have a few more earlier in the day so I stay satisfied.
    Drink 64 oz H2O per day, at least half before noon.
    Try to "eat" your cals, don't waste them on drinks.
    (All of the above is info I got from a dietician.)

    Other things that help me:
    Keep a pack of sugarless gum around all the time, kills cravings instantly (especially mint/cinnamon flavors).
    For a couple of your meals, include soup, there's lots of liquid there that fills you up without using cals (try Progresso or Campbells Select "light" varieties).
    Keep lean, skinless meats around (I go to Safeway & pick up a rotisserie chicken every 2-3 days, peel off the skin & bone it, then just weigh out your portions).
    Invest in an easy-to-read/use food scale & use it.
    Establish an attitude of "80/20". 80% of the time follow all of the rules, 20% of the time, relax the rules & enjoy yourself. By doing that, you're avoiding the inevitable "fall from the wagon". Have imperfection built into the system, give yourself permission to take breaks.

    These have helped me lose 80 lbs in the last year & a half.

  2. I agree with everything Stephen said! The only thing I have to add is that you can exercise your little heart out but if you don't cut calories then you will not lose weight. I learned in Weight Watchers that it takes A LOT of exercise to make up for a bakery binge...way more than we'd be willing to do :)

    I love your Jelly Bellys on the side bar here but they're making me crave are MEAN!!! :) Leaving now...gotta go find a blog with lettuce on the side.

    Sarah :)

  3. I am starting WW, and really it is a multimillion dollar program focused on consuming reasonable portions and filling foods. :) Keep yourself satisfied throughout the day so you don't ever feel the need to binge. I like having a bag of almonds in my desk to munch on. The chewing stops most cravings for food. Eating, often, is a habit!

  4. Once again, thank you for inspiring this ol fat ass! It is nice to have a buddy to lose with!