Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evil Gummi Bears

So, its been a weekend since I have last blogged. I must admit, tho I was camping with some fun, drunken,  people at their hunting camp (where there is always epic amounts of fattening food), I pretty much stuck to my goals. I may have stretched them a bit, BUT I did not consume insane amounts of sugar and fat! Go me! Drank gallons of water, no sugar, tiny bit of dairy only because it was melted all over breakfast and I was SO hungry that I wolfed it down not even thinking.... meh, camping does that to ya right? Gotta pack on those extra carbs to keep warm at night. After freezing (one cheek at a time) all night cuddled up with someone in a twin sized camper bed, I could have eaten anything! I didn't even drink ANY beer... which is amazing for me, really.
So today, back at work, it was SO freaking busy that I didn't even have time to think about food. My salad and grilled chicken breast was NOT what I wanted when it finally became lunch time. But I lovingly consumed my roughage and bird boob thinking to myself that it will all be worth it in the end :) When I returned from lunch, it had slowed down a bit, and in came the cravings. Oh those oh so cute, sweet, delicious, gelatin based globs of sugar shaped into little tiny gem colored bears were calling my name from isle 6. I walked back and forth from the back counter to the front, chewed my nails, drowned myself in yet more water and admitted my weakness to my co-worker. I found myself imagining the chewiness of just one bear, but one bear would lead to an army of bears in my belly. Then some kid asks me if I work in a Hospital.... totally threw off my train of thought. At that point I was wondering if children are now bred to be dumb? Seriously? The kid was like 14, I hope at that age he could read. Hell what do I know? I guess I should thank the kid because I amazingly won the battle! FC - 1 GB - 0


  1. My mom has been losing lots of inches by eating smaller meals, drinking water, and exercising. I think you might live a few blocks from me. If you ever want to go on a walk text me and see if im off work...519-4423

  2. Awesome Ashley! Sounds great! I will most definitely call/text you, but perhaps I will wait until it stops raining ;)